Make Your Home a Haven for Allergy Sufferers


THE GOOD NEWS: With a lingering cold, wet and snowy early Spring, the worst allergy suffering will arrive late to the Cape this Spring. However, once warmer temperatures do arrive, pollen counts are expected to soar. Spring 2018 looks to be a tough season for allergy sufferers.

Lincoln recommends two state-of-the art solutions to make your entire Cape Cod home a haven for the allergy sufferers in your family.

  1. State-of-the-art air purification & filtration. Ours not only Captures and KillsTM flu viruses from the airstream but eliminates pollen, dust, mold spores and other allergens that can irritate air passages making them more susceptible to cold, flu and sinus infections both inside and away from the home. The patented three-stage technology purifies the air in your entire living space as often as 8 times each hour. The unit can be fitted to work with any brand ducted heating and/or cooling system.
    Learn more and see the three-stage air filter in action.
  2. Revolutionary air scrubbing system. While the purification/filtration system effectively destroys 99% of germs that pass through the filter, two problems remain unaddressed: Ours generates safe oxidizing molecules that circulate throughout your home killing viruses & bacteria as well as neutralizing odors, toxic chemical fumes and other pollutants both midair and on every surface in your home.

    This amazing product is widely used in the medical, food, defense, hotel, airline and cruise ship industries. 
    Learn more and see this revolutionary air scrubber in action.

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"I can't say enough about your company. Your quick, and I mean quick response was great! Since Matt's visit, there's been a big difference in our system's performance all the way around. You have a customer for life. Thanks guys."

Bill Williams, Mashpee, 12/30/13

“Balanced HVAC has done a great job on our HVAC system. They provide prompt professional service. Unlike other companies, they are very clean inside the house. Our house is much more comfortable with our new system.”

Suzy, Barnstable, 6/21/13

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