Why Replace AC with Heat Pump


The Hybrid Solution: Furnace + Heat Pump
The "Greenest" Heating for Most Cape Cod Homes

"Why would I consider a heat pump when I already have a furnace?"

The heat generated by today's air-source heat pumps exceed by 2.5 to 4 times the energy it consumes! With our relatively mild Cape Cod winters that means significant savings over traditional fuel-fired furnace heating. Your furnace will only be called into duty only on those really cold days and nights when temperatures dip dramatically.

"I've heard that heat pump heat is not really comfortable,
that it feels like cold air is coming from your vents."

It's true that the early generations of heat pumps were not great performers. But all that's changed with advanced engineering. Improvements such as increased coil sizes, variable speed blowers, two-stage compressors, thermostatic expansion valves and sophisticated electronic controls have made today's high efficiency heat pump a reliable workhorse known for both comfortable heat and economical operation.

"Won't the heat pump cost a lot more than a new air conditioning unit?

Yes, it's true. Not only is the heat pump more costly, but there are additional costs for installation. These include new controls and duct work modifications. But here's the good news. The additional costs will return to you in energy savings within the the first three years. Then for the remaining seven to twelve years of your heat pump's life, those extra savings will fall right into your pocket! AND because it will be called into duty only occasionally, your furnace will last longer!

Isn't a geothermal system the "greenest" form of heating and cooling?

Yes, that's true but ONLY if you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend, a very big piece of property and are prepared for a lot of digging. The fact is that for MOST Cape Cod homeowners, Hybrid Heating IS the Greenest Solution.

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"I can't say enough about your company. Your quick, and I mean quick response was great! Since Matt's visit, there's been a big difference in our system's performance all the way around. You have a customer for life. Thanks guys."

Bill Williams, Mashpee, 12/30/13

“Balanced HVAC has done a great job on our HVAC system. They provide prompt professional service. Unlike other companies, they are very clean inside the house. Our house is much more comfortable with our new system.”

Suzy, Barnstable, 6/21/13

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