"If you fix this, you fix a big piece of the climate puzzle."


So reads the headline in the July 13, 2017 New York Times

What will have the most impact on the health of the planet? Is it:

  • "Build more wind farms"
  • "Eat less meat worldwide"
  • "Switch to mass transit"

​NO: Their answer was, "Improve air conditioners." 

Growing economies in countries like China, India, Brazil and Indonesia combined with increasing global warming have resulted in sharp rises in air conditioner purchases. Improving air conditioner efficency has NEVER been more critical to the health of our planet. The article cites a Lawrence Berkley National Labortatory study that argues that "even a 30% improvement in efficiency could avoid the peak load equivalent of about 15,00 power plants by 2030."

Every Cape Cod home and business property owner has a part to play.
Here's what you can do:

  • Service your equipment every season (ACs once and heat pumps twice a year). Here are just a few facts to consider:
  1. Dirt accumulated on blower blades and in filters weakens air flow. The resulting imbalance leads to the short-cycling responsible for wasted energy, uneven room comfort, temperature swings and over-heating -- the principal cause of catastrophic AC failures.
  2. Although your AC is a closed system, leaks DO occur. Our annual tune-ups will detect leaks early preventing expensive re-charges not to mention wasted energy and damage to the environment.
  3. An AC just 10% low on coolant requires 20% more energy to operate!
  • Ask us about installing a SMART thermostat. Automatic programming adjusts temperatures for optimum comfort and energy savings based on your weekly schedule as well as for varying time-of-day utility rates. Today's thermostats are easier to program than ever. WiFi enables you to make adjustments from your mobile phone when you're away. 
  • Schedule a no-pressure no-oblitation consultation with your Balanced HVAC professional. Our industry is hard at work improving energy efficiency and perfecting environmentally-friendly refrigerants. We'll help you select the right replacement for your goals and for your budget. You'll learn just what you can expect in savings with today's high-efficency replacements, just how soon you can expect your new system to pay for itself as well as what you can expect in improved family comfort.

    We will collect the refrigerant from your old unit and send it to a recycler. Unfortunately some disreputable contractors will release these harmful chemicals into the environment.

Call (508) 290-6587 to schedule your maintenance service
and/or to schedule a no-pressure no-obligation consultation.

"I can't say enough about your company. Your quick, and I mean quick response was great! Since Matt's visit, there's been a big difference in our system's performance all the way around. You have a customer for life. Thanks guys."

Bill Williams, Mashpee, 12/30/13

“Balanced HVAC has done a great job on our HVAC system. They provide prompt professional service. Unlike other companies, they are very clean inside the house. Our house is much more comfortable with our new system.”

Suzy, Barnstable, 6/21/13

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