Right Solution for Every Home

Right Solution for Every Home


The Right Comfort Solution
For Every Cape Cod Home,
For Every Cape Cod Budget.

Whether yours is a renovated 36 year-old Grand Cove contemporary. a 27 year-old Mashpee ranch with a garage-turned-family room, a sprawling 1880's 14,000 square foot Osterville manor, a stonework Sandwich Main Street Victorian, or a 5-year-old Falmouth condo, Balanced HVAC has the right heating and cooling solution for you. We specialize in finding the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and comfortable solution for even the most challenging Cape Cod homes.

Among the special products we may employ include:

  • Ductless Split Systems: For homes where ductwork does not exist or for added spaces where ductwork is not practical, these air conditioner and heat pump comfort systems by Mitsubishi Electric supply heating and cooling. Unlike a standard (obtrusive & noisy) window air conditioners, the condensing unit sits outside the home while the indoor unit is positioned on the wall to control and direct the airflow. These are full-featured heat pumps –- efficient and easy to operate. The only modification to your home required is a single 3-inch hole to accomodate electrical wiring and copper tubing.

    The heat pump's ultra-efficient heating is the perfect supplement to the expensive oil heating in many older Cape Cod homes.

    As a Mitsubish Electric Diamond ContractorTM, Balanced HVAC can offer exclusive benefits not available through unaccredited contractors.
  • Small Duct High Velocity Air Conditioning: This is another solution for homes with hot water heating but no ductwork. With these systems, cooling is delivered at higher speeds through narrow flexible tubing. These can be routed through existing space behind ceilings, walls and floors sparing the homeowner the need for the extensive renovation.
  • Multiple Unit Installations for the Most Sprawling Estates.
  • Affordable Zoning Solutions for More Typical Cape Cod Homes: What if every time you turned on a light switch, every electric device in your home turned on . . . or every faucet, shower, tub and toilet opened whenever you went to wash your hands? Sounds crazy, but that's what happens when you need to heat or cool your home.

    Zoned heating and cooling gives you control you never thought possible. However, until recently zoning required extensive ductwork modifications and at least two forced-air systems. With new technology, affordable zoning is now possible with a single forced air system using your existing ductwork. Several thermostats can now be linked into a series of pneumatic or electrically-controlled duct dampers through a sophisticated central controller.

    Zoning costs more, but on average these systems will shave about 30% from your annual utility bills. In time, they pay for themselves and then keep working for years of added savings.

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"I can't say enough about your company. Your quick, and I mean quick response was great! Since Matt's visit, there's been a big difference in our system's performance all the way around. You have a customer for life. Thanks guys."

Bill Williams, Mashpee, 12/30/13

“Balanced HVAC has done a great job on our HVAC system. They provide prompt professional service. Unlike other companies, they are very clean inside the house. Our house is much more comfortable with our new system.”

Suzy, Barnstable, 6/21/13

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